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List of Commonly Used Symbols in Unicode ♂ ♀ ♥ ¥ α © § (updated)

Jeff Atwood Code Keyboard Review

Unicode Circled Numbers ① ② ③

Japan Unicode Art

in writing about math or programing, you should use this symbol for definition. (COLON EQUALS). Unicode Math Symbols ∑ ∫ π² ∞

Unicode: User Interface Icons 🗑

Linux: where is Nautilus bookmarks located?


Ergodox Keyboard with Trackball

LISP Syntax Problem of Piping Functions (updated)

Unicode BLACK SMALL STAR doesn't show in Windows 7. Songs and Humanity

Discovered Unicode “TWO-EM DASH” . Found by searching for “dash” at Unicode Search: Find Unicode Symbols .

Razer Nostromo gaming keypad 05507-s258x242
Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad

I'm planning to switch to MSFT Surface and Windows 8 as soon as I can buy it. (I just don't care about unix anymore - at all.) — Ryan Dahl

amazing. Microsoft has a new keyboard out. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Node.js Creator Ryan Dahl on Software Complexity

rubber ring to prevent mechanical keyboard key hitting bottom

discovered some mechanical keyboard tools.

WASD Keyboards Wire Keycap Puller Tool. Buy at amazon

“Cherry MX Rubber O-Ring Switch Dampeners Blue 40A-R - 0.4mm Reduction (125pcs)” Buy at amazon

No, i don't read reddit or hackernews. They damage your brain.

Soon you'll be another bubble in a piss pot.

been using Logitech G700 mouse for a month now. Updated review. Logitech Gaming Mouses Review

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jwz Gloating about 3DConnexion Mouse. See over at Xah Emacs Blog .

“on Linux, how to find what GPU i have?”. See: Linux: Get System Info (updated)