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more keyboard research. Japan M-Type keyboard, TRON keyboard

Esrille New Keyboard 2014

One cannot cease be amazed by the number of new keyboard coming out since 2010.

updated at Heart ♥ Keyboard, Butterfly Keyboard, Cat 😸 Keyboard, Star Trek Keyboard ⌨

Emacs Basics Tips. Rather basics. Minor update.

github is announcing a new editor http://atom.io/

it's making waves on the interweb.

emacs, just fix {copy, cut, paste, undo, redo, open, close} keys, and all editors out there will vanish. No more new editor splash every year.

Emacs Modernization

ELisp: Replace HTML Entities (minor update). The interesting thing is a issue about multi-pair replacement. See bottom of the page.

Cat Keyboard

the keyboard scene is extremely vibrant today. So many new designs coming into being in past few years.

catboard keyboard 15278

update at Heart ♥ Keyboard, Butterfly Keyboard, Cat 😸 Keyboard, Star Trek Keyboard ⌨

Phil Hagelberg's Keyboard: the Atreus

well-known emacs hacker Phil Hagelberg (aka technomancy) is now trying his hands on designing a keyboard. Actually producing a prototype.

same config. starting in Microsoft Windows 11 seconds. in Linux, 7 seconds.

discovered today that the keyboard designer Jesse Vincent is a well-known perl programer. See updated: Keyboard Love ∞: Jesse Vincent's Keyboard Design Evolution ⌨

Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms (updated with a video comparing Cherry MX switch sounds)


Jesse Vincent's latest version, the butterfly keyboard. See at Keyboard Love to Infinity ⌨ ∞

A very practical tip. I get asked often. how to set F8 to Switch to {Firefox, Emacs, Terminal}

Keyboard Menu Key

remapping keys Linux: xmodmap Tutorial

2-Piece Split Keyboards (minor update)

Emacs Init: Setup Font (minor update)

Emacs: Set Default Window Size

added a conclusion section at Emacs: Single Key to Delete Whole Line. It's about design, efficiency, of emacs command/keys to delete lines.

cider: Clojure IDE and REPL for Emacs

discovered “cider”, a Clojure IDE and REPL for Emacs. https://github.com/clojure-emacs/cider

via [ thelittlelisper ] https://twitter.com/thelittlelisper

see also Emacs: What's the Best Setup for Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, etc?

Emacs Lisp in Anime

at 1:30, there's a screen of code for just 2 seconds Key The Metal Idol Episode 9 Part 3/3 English at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgXCNVqVUhM

some crazy guy dedicate himself in finding the code source in movies. In this case, it's emacs lisp. See http://moviecode.tumblr.com/post/76927836921/from-key-the-metal-idol-episode-9-the-code-shown

the code is http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/historic-linux/ftp-archives/sunsite.unc.edu/Nov-06-1994/devel/prolog/emacs19/compile18.el

lots other code digging from movie/tv of this guy at http://moviecode.tumblr.com/

thanks to [Ryuutei Sebastien BLANC https://plus.google.com/+RyuuteiSebastienBLANC/posts] for the find.

comment at https://plus.google.com/113859563190964307534/posts/X5zCp5PzRfu

the great ergoemacs-mode under Matt

It's been a year since Matt is leading ergoemacs-mode. Huge amount of work has been done on it in the past year, more so than previous years combined. If you haven't already, give it a shot!

the gist of ergoemacs-mode is that most frequently used emacs commands are bound to the most easy keys. It now supports layouts of many languages, as well as QWERTY, Dvorak, Colemak, Workman, NEO, Bépo, and just about any other too. It's highly integrated with all other modes, so your keys works properly. It also support modal editing like vi, so you get best of both worlds. (by default it's off) Best of all, it's highly customizable, so you can create your own theme to suite your own habits and keyboard. (All these, thanks to the extremely dedicated work of Matthew L Fidler https://github.com/mattfidler. Thank you Matt. (many other have also contributed bug reports and layout and bug fixes. Thank you all.))

ELisp: Trim String

new version of Emacs Tutorial is mailed out. If you changed email and didn't receive it, please let me know at Xah@XahLee.org Thanks.

ergodox keyboard, review by Jeff Weiss

Jeff Weiss, programer at RedHat, got the ergodox.

here's his first week experience: https://plus.google.com/+JeffWeiss/posts/AzzGe6ivgBm

my analysis of the keyboard. Ergodox Keyboard Review

Regular monthly new version of emacs tutorial. Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial.

If you like it, tweet, repost, share, buy. My effort in this tutorial now is directly proportional to your appreciation. Thank you.

Emacs and RSI

Vivek Haldar, a Googler, and a long time emacs expert, has a article about RSI. Recommended. [Use Accessibility Technologies Before You Have To By Vivek Haldar. At http://blog.vivekhaldar.com/post/2126488524/use-accessibility-technologies-before-you-have-to , accessed on 2014-02-10 ]

(btw, Vivek uses the Goldtouch 2-pieces split Keyboard)

i have lots advice on using keyboard and emacs keybinding. But, often, many people will consider my opinion controversial, or just troll, such as my advice not to swap Ctrl with CapsLock (yes, to this day, i regularly see comment on my site or twitter or forums, saying my opinions are crazy). It pains me, everyday, to see lots people advising the swap, so you press it with pinky, and of course a large sector of die-hard emacs users will insist default emacs keybinding, and flame anyone to suggest otherwise.

I've actively read about keyboarding since 1987. And, huge amount in past 5 years. If there's a popular article about keyboarding, layout, RSI, or on StackOverflow, Reddit, HackerNews, i've read it.

are there people who swapped CapsLock and Ctrl and feel pain? Yes, lots. Are there people who blogged about RSI due to emacs default keys? Yes, a lot.

somehow, these voice doesn't seem to register. (more likely, because the swappers and emacs diehards haven't researched the topic) Like keyboard, you hear people adamantly claim things about keyboard (common on keyboard review forums), but they don't really have a clue.

RSI is not funny. I've had 3 brushes with it in past 7 years. And, sometimes i got private emails of RSI stories, or asking for advice. I never reached pain, but it has been very scary. When hearing others about RSI pain and visiting doctors stuff, it is not funny at all. Most people don't write blogs or post online forums, so you don't hear their voices. I wish i can convey the seriousness of this.

(thx to [Sujith Abraham https://plus.google.com/104862982740063819103/posts])

worth repeating. Emacs: How to Set Mouse Buttons Emacs Init: Mouse Config

New Version of Unicode Emoticon Symbola Font

a new version of symbola font is available. Download Free Unicode Fonts

see also Linux: How to Install Font

Emacs Keybinding Design, Laptop Keyboards: No More Page Up, Page Down Keys, Multiple Keys for the Same Function? see Laptop Keyboards

the emacs keyboard for the rest of us. Shortcut-S, Photoshop Keyboard

Emacs Keys: Super Hyper (updated)

apparently, quite a few emacs users are fan of sticky keys. See comment at bottom: Ban Key Chords (updated article). I recommend you give it a good try.

Emacs Keys: Add Custom Keys (updated)

who designed the Microsoft Windows Alt key system?

on Microsoft Windows, its key system is key sequences. See Ban Key Chords. Now, this is real interesting. Anyone know who is the guy who designed the Microsoft Windows Alt key system?

comment at Ban Key Chords

Logitech Gaming Mouse G700/G700s Review (my current fav)

XML is not S-Expressions

think am going to get this one. 250 hours wireless, plus some 11 programable buttons. Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse