Logitech G700s Mouse

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My current favorite mouse, the Logitech G700s gaming mouse.

The G700 came out on 2010-07. The G700s came out on 2013-03. It's discontinued around 2017-07.

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Main Features:

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The G700's sculpted thumb buttons is better than any mouse out there.

What is the difference between Logitech G700 and G700s?

The G700s is a newer model of G700, but is basically the same.

I've been using the G700 for 3 years now. On both Microsoft Windows and Linux. It's fantastic.

Mouse Wheel

The button to the south of the wheel lets you change it to notched mode and free-spin mode.

the spin wheel. It can spin for 28 seconds! See: Mouse with Spin Wheel .

When in notech'd mode, it's also excellent. You can move the wheel, without touching the mouse, and mouse won't move. And, no accidental scroll.

I set the wheel to free-spin. This is especially useful in Linux, because in Linux, there is no scroll wheel acceleration.

When browsing social network sites such as twitter and facebook, free-spin is heaven.

Though, first you'll need to get used to, by spin, then put finger on it to stop spin.


The top 3 buttons on the left (labeled G8 G9 G10), requires very strong pressure to press. This means, the 3 buttons becomes essentially not usable for things you need to do often (e.g. switching app, previous/next tab.).

Thumb Buttons

4 thumb buttons are fantastic. Very easy to press. Very easy to hit the button you want. Never accidental click.

here's my button settings for normal work (profile 1).

G6 is most easy to press, followed by G7, G5, G4.

I rank them because i map the most frequently used commands to the most easy-to-press button/keys. [see Emacs Command Frequency Statistics]

The button on top of the mouse i set to close window Alt+F4.

Why you need so many buttons? See: Why You Need 10 Buttons Mouse .

Mouse Size and Comfort

I find this mouse extremely comfortable. The best.


The mouse is heavy at 152 grams without battery.

[see Mouse Weight Comparison]

Short Battery Life

logitech g700 mouse bottom 20150315 234309-m
My 3 years old g700, bottom. [Logitech G700s Gaming mouse Buy at amazon ]

• At the bottom of the mouse, there's a on/off switch. You can turn it off to save battery life.

• The battery lasts for about 3 days, even if you set polling rate and power consumption to lowest. This means, you should plug-in every night, or, just use it plugged-in all the time like a wired mouse.

for a wireless gaming mouse that fixed the short battery problem, see: Logitech G602 Mouse .

On-Board Memory, Yes

This mouse stores your key settings in the device. That means, once you use Logitech's software to set your keys, you can plug this mouse in any computer, and you'll have your keys. No need to install software.

Set it up once, and you'll have your keys in Linux, or Mac.


Logitech's mouse software are excellent. Extremely easy-to-use, and intuitive. Lots features.

Logitech G700 mouse software
Logitech G700 mouse software, showing one of my profile setup.

The mouse got 5 profiles. Each profile is a set of settings, for buttons, or DPI, or anything else.

By default, the G11 button on top of the mouse cycle profiles.

Each profile is indicated by the combination of the 3 LEDs on the side.

For each button, you can set it to one of the “mouse function”, or “keystroke”, or “key macro”.

Logitech G700 mouse software mouse functions
Logitech G700 mouse software mouse functions.

Note that you can set it to control multimedia, such as next/prev song, sound-level up/down.

Logitech G700 mouse software keyboard functions
Logitech G700 mouse software keyboard functions

It's a nice touch to have commonly used macros such as copy/paste as predefined.

If you want any other key combinations, just type them in the input box.

Logitech G700 mouse software key macro
Logitech G700 mouse software key macro. (note: i recorded this macro wrong. I wanted select all then copy, but did copy and paste instead.)

Work with Linux?

The mouse works perfectly in Linux, out of the box.

But if you want to customize the buttons, you need to use the Windows software to set the buttons first.