Logitech Gaming Mouse G700/G700s Review

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Why you need so many buttons? See: Why You Need a 9 Buttons Mouse?.

love ♥ the spin wheel. See: Logitech Mouse with Spin Wheel.

Note that laser mouse is not necessarily better than optical mouse. See: Laser Mouse is Inferior for Gaming?.

mouse size comparison Logitech G500 G602 G700 Corsair M90
Mouse size comparison Logitech G500, G602, G700, Corsair M90/M95. img src
Comparison, Logitech G700 vs Corsair M90/M95

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700s

Logitech G700s mouse
Logitech G700s mouse. amazon

the G700s is a newer model of G700, but is basically the same. The only real difference is that G700s has max 8200 DPI, and G700 has 5700. 〔➤ What's Mouse DPI? Does Mouse DPI Matter in Gaming?〕 The G700s's surface coating is a bit different, and the scroll wheel is less clicky (when they are set to notched mode).

G700 Review

Logitech G700 mouse software
Logitech G700 mouse software, showing one of my profile setup.

I've been using the G700 for many months now. It's fantastic. Here's few notes:

• The top 3 buttons on the left (labeled G8 G9 G10 from bottom to top), requires very strong pressure to press. This means, the 3 buttons becomes essentially not usable for things you need to do often (for example, such as switching app, previous/next tab.).

• The G10 button (top left, north foremost) is basically impossible to press. It requires so much pressure, similar to the power button on a PC or laptop.

• The 4 thumb buttons are fantastic.

• LOVE ♥ the free-spin wheel. I set the wheel to free-spin. This is especially useful in Linux, because in Linux, there's no scroll wheel acceleration.

• The surface for the sides of the G700 has a sand-paper feel to it. (what gamers call none-slip coating.) I don't care for it, but it's ok.

• The mouse is heavy, even if you take out the battery. (personally, i prefer mouse to be as light as possible. Am a finger-tip grip user.)

• The bundled software is fantastic. It's very easy to use. (software is for Windows only) You use it to set the buttons to do what you want. Then, you can use the mouse on any computer without needing to config.

• The mouse works perfectly in Linux. But if you want customized button settings, you need to use the bundled Windows software to set the bottons first.

Short Battery Life

• At the bottom of the mouse, there's a on/off switch. You can turn it off when you go to bed to save battery life.

• The battery lasts for about 3 days, even if you set polling rate and power consumption to lowest. (I use the mouse about 14 hours a day, and i didn't switch the mouse off at night) This means, if you are using this mouse as standard mouse, it's a good idea to plug-in or turn off every night, or, just use it plugged-in all the time like a wired mouse.

for a wireless gaming mouse that fixed the short battery problem, see: Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Thumb Buttons

here's my button settings for normal work (profile 1).

G7 ② next tab 【Ctrl+Tab ↹G6 ① previous tab 【Ctrl+⇧ Shift+Tab ↹
G5 ③ close tab 【Ctrl+wG4 ④ back page (default 4th button)

the numbers ① ② ③ ④ are COMPARATIVE ease-of-press among the 4 buttons, with ① the easiest. I rank them because i map the most frequently used commands to the most easy-to-press button/keys. 〔➤ Emacs's Command Frequency Statistics

for example, if you have 4 commands you want to map to the 4 buttons. Let's say there's a command X, which you use the least often, and don't want it accidentally clicked. So, you want to put X to the least ease-of-press button. (but X is still much needed, that's why you put on the thumb button.)

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