2-Piece Split Keyboards: Kinesis Freestyle, Goldtouch Adjustable

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Kinesis Freestyle 2

In 2012, Kinesis Freestyle 2 came out. This new model replaces the previous.

Kinesis freestyle2 keyboard p1 Kinesis freestyle2 keyboard p2
Kinesis Freestyle 2. img src ergocanada.com “Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard Mac” amazon “Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard PC” amazon

Notable features:

Note: the key switch is not mechanical switch.

What's the difference between Kinesis Freestyle 1 and Freestyle 2?

Here's the major improvement from Freestyle 1.

Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle
Kinesis Freestyle keyboard (with Canadian French layout). amazon img src ergocanada.com

They also comes with a Mac version (colored white). amazon Though, i think it's identical to the PC Black version except the {❖ Win, Alt} keys are swapped to be {Opt, ⌘ Cmd}. Either version, this keyboard does not require any extra driver software. Just plug and play. Nice thing is that it has {Copy, ✂ Cut, Paste}, keys on the left.

They offer several stands, each with a fancy name. The price varies from $25 to $200. Without stand is called “Solo”.

Kinesis Freestyle incline
Freestyle with “Incline” stand.
Kinesis Freestyle vip
Freestyle with “VIP” stand.

Not sure what keyswitch mechanism it is using exactly, but supposedly a better switch than rubber dome. On their site, it says it's tactile but quiet. 〔➤ Guide to Computer Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard

goldtouch keyboard 1
“Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard” amazon (img src http://nathanbowers.com/reviews/goldtouch-keyboard-review/)

The function keys are continuous, without gaps. That's bad, because it'll be difficult to press the middle ones without sight.

goldtouch keyboard 3
Goldtouch adjustable keyboard for PC and Mac. amazon Source www.keyboardco.com

Note: the key switch is not mechanical switch.

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