2-Piece Split Keyboards

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List of ergonomic keyboards that are in 2 physical pieces.

From more expensive to less.

Note, this page is no longer being maintained, because as of 2018-12-15, there are too many of them.

keyboardio m1 rgb 44488-s306x204
diverge 4 keyboard q6dxm-s1389x583-s386x162
ergodox infinity keyboard 25150-s333x188
UHK 20181214 split 0dfd2-s289x217
Ultimate Hacking
kinesis gaming keyboard 20451
Kinesis Freestyle Edge
Matias Ergo Pro keyboard 90213
Matias Ergo Pro
Mistel BAROCCO MD770 Keyboard 2020-11-29-s250
Mistel Barocco
goldtouch keyboard v2 2018 36369-s335x187
Goldtouch Adjustable
Kinesis Freestyle s
Kinesis Freestyle

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