Slimblade Trackball

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The Kensington Slimblade Trackball came out in 2009.

This is one of the better trackball loved by the trackball users community.

Featuring large ball, and 4 large buttons.

slimblade d80ed
[image source twitter ginsukeMonitor]
Kensington Slimblade trackball 78432

Ball Size

Ball diameter: 55 mm. This is same size as Kensington Expert Mouse.

rose quartz sphere ct35v-s250x250
Trackball Ball Sizes and Replacement


The 2 buttons on the north side are harder to reach. The bottom left is the easiest to press, with thumb. (if you use it with right hand.)

Twist Earth to Scroll

The Slimblade also features a twist scroll wheel. You twist the ball to scroll, like rotating earth. It's awkward. Not very good in comparison to a scroll ring or scroll wheel.

Kensington Slimblade trackball TEK 92960
Truly Ergonomic KeyboardSlimblade Trackball
video showing actual use.

Work in Linux?

Yes. Works in Linux out of the box.

  1. Lower left button is left click.
  2. Lower right button is right click.
  3. Top left button is double click.
  4. Top right button is browser back button.
  5. Twisting for scroll also works.

You can remap mouse buttons in Linux using xinput. [see Linux: How to Swap Mouse Buttons]

Slimblade vs Expert Mouse

Kensington Expert Mouse and Slimblade
Kensington Expert Mouse Buy at amazon vs Slimblade Trackball. [photo by ronin ]

Of all web reviews, there's no consensus of which is better. Some prefer Slimblade, some Expert Mouse.

Kensington Expert Mouse and Slimblade side-view

Slimblade vs L-Trac Trackball

Slimblade vs L-Trac Trackball

Trackball Sizes Comparison

Kensington orbit ring slimblade trackball-s
Kensington Orbit Wireless TrackballKensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll RingSlimblade Trackball 3840×2160 [image source imgur ]

more: Trackball Sizes Comparison

Buy at Amazon

Buy at amazon

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