SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

SpaceNavigator is a 3D-mouse designed for working with 3D applications, such as Google Earth, Computer Added Design (CAD).

3DConnexion 3DX-700059 Spacemouse Compact 3D Mouse

space mouse compact 2024-03-25
The space mouse compact (2024-03-25 photo by Emery Board)

Here is how it is used:

SpaceNavigator controls
SpaceNavigator controls

you need to install drivers before you can use it, and install a plug-in for your 3d-app.

SpaceExplorer 3D Mouse (year 2010)

SpaceExplorer3D mouse 43392
SpaceExplorer 3D Mouse [image source photo by Haukur Herbertsson. ยฉ [] ]

Spaceball Mouse