SpaceNavigator 3d Mouse

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SpaceNavigator is a 3D-mouse designed for working with 3D applications, such as Google Earth, CAD, games.

SpaceNavigator 68024
Space Navigator 3D mouse

Here's how it is used:

SpaceNavigator controls
SpaceNavigator controls
SpaceNavigator 3d Mouse Review (Live Demonstration) - Useful For Virtual Exploration in Google Earth

SpaceNavigator for Notebooks

SpaceNavigator for Notebooks is a smaller version.

SpaceNavigator size comparison
SpaceNavigator for Notebooks. Size comparison. Space Navigator 3D mouse
SpaceNavigator notebook 81424
SpaceNavigator for Notebooks 3D Mouse Space Navigator 3D mouse

Math Models of 3D Input Control

See also:

Math Models of 3D Input Control

Old Models

Logitec Spaceball 4000 FLX 43459
Logitec Spaceball 4000 FLX, year 2000. image source
3dconnexion spaceball 5000
3dconnexion spaceball.


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SpaceNavigator 68024

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