Truly Ergonomic Numeric Keypad

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This came out in mid 2016.

This keypad is specially designed for spreadsheet.

truly ergo keypad 20180325 vqmbm-s1039x1386
truly ergo keypad 20180325
truly ergo keypad 20180325
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Features mechanical keys. (mechanical keys is a quality design of key switch that makes keys have tactile feedback.)

[see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

Layout Designed for Spreadsheet

The layout is specifically designed for spreadsheet.

It features:

There are also copy cut paste undo redo shortcuts. e.g. Press Fn+1 for undo.

Here is a complete list:

truly ergo keypad 20180325 cfft4-s1039x1386
truly ergo keypad 20180325 cfft4-s1039x1386
truly ergo keypad 20180325 drgxq-s1386x1039
Truly Ergonomic Numeric Keypad and Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard

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Mac Mode and PC Mode

The difference is that the copy cut paste etc keys will send the right keys to the OS.

Send Number Keycodes

Warning: the keys send normal number keycodes, not the keycodes of numeric keypad.

For example, pressing 3 is the same as pressing 3 on the left hand side top row of a normal keyboard. It is not the same as the 3 key on the number keypad.

This shoudn't matter to you. But if you are a computer programer nerd on linux and want to reprogram the keys via operating system keyboard tools, it is more difficult to differentiate the number key.

Not Suitable as a Calculator Keypad

This is not suitable as a calculator keypad, because the + - * / keys are not in standard position, and you have to hold Fn.

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