Apple Bandai Pippin Controller

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Bandai Apple Pippin

Bandai Apple Pippin Controller 35192
Bandai Apple Pippin controller. 1996. [image source image source ]
Bandai Apple Pippin Applejack Controller FL-s
Bandai Apple Pippin controller. 1996. 3700×3050
Apple Bandai Pippin
Apple Bandai Pippin. 1996.

The Apple Bandai Pippin, stylized "PiP P!N", is a multimedia technology console, designed by Apple Computer. The console was based on the Apple Pippin platform – a derivative of the Apple Macintosh platform. Bandai produced the ATMARK and @WORLD consoles between 1996 and 1997.

The goal of the Bandai Pippin was to create an inexpensive computer aimed mostly at playing CD-based multimedia software, especially games, but also functioning as a thin client. The operating system was basically a stripped version of System 7.5.2, and was based on a 66 MHz PowerPC 603 processor and a 14.4 kb/s modem. It featured a 4×-speed CD-ROM drive[3] and a video output that could connect to a standard television display.

[2016-10-14 from Wikipedia Apple Bandai Pippin]

Apple Pippin NeXT keyboard 62215
Apple KeyboardApple Bandai Pippin ControllerNeXT Keyboard [image source ]

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