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Keyboard revolution is here. Introducing, the Axios keyboard.

it started out as a modification of the Ergodox Keyboard, because the guy find the ergodox's thumb keys there too high. The mod is called the grand-piano computer keyboard.

2019-11-21 The project's site is gone. dead.

2017-07-30, there's little news. Seems this is a dead project.

axios keyboard model-01-02
grand-piano computer keyboard

from there on, one thing leads to another.

axios keyboard model-05-02-98801
Axios keyboard model-05-02. 39 × 2 = 78 keys.
axios keyboard model-05-03-00543
Axios keyboard model-05-03. 39 × 2 = 78 keys.
axios keyboard model-05-01
Axios keyboard model-05-01. 40 keys for left hand.
axios keyboard 3d-proto-17
Axios keyboard 3d-proto-17
axios keyboard 3d-proto-20
Axios keyboard 3d-proto-20. For the left hand, main panel, 40 keys, and the thumb panel has 9 keys. Total keys for left hand is 49 keys.
axios keyboard 3d-proto-25
Axios keyboard 3d-proto-25
axios keyboard 3d-proto-26
Axios keyboard 3d-proto-26
axios keyboard 3d-proto-29
Axios keyboard 3d-proto-29

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