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Folding Table

My favorite computer desk, is actually ulitility folding table. Why? Because i like pure functionality. A utility folding table is a big surface. You can pile your books, papers, devices, pizza plates, coffee mugs. It is light weight, sturdy, and cheap. It's pure functionality. And you can make out on top of it. It is the fruit of science of engineering.

folding table 2020-05-18
Heavy Duty Folding Table, 450 kg Capacity folding table
xah art reaper table 5qg75
reaper on folding table with moving casters. 2020-05-18. Art by Alan L Wong []
folding table xah discord 2020-05-18 bq2jx
folding table xah discord 2020-05-18

Standing Desk, Belabor Ya Bum

Standing desk, i think is great too, but i've only used for 10 min.

standing desk jackson sharp 2022-01-07
standing desk [photo by Jackson Sharp 2022-01-07]

standing desk

If i want a standing desk, it's gonna be hand cranked one. I got working hands. None of the comfort crap. Standing means stand. Inline with the spirit, you crank it up and down!

For standing desk, i think, i'd rather have 2 desks instead. One for sit, one for standing. Like, every hour or 2, you stand up to the standing desk, and read stuff. Documentation, etc. Lots. This reduces the complexity.

But after more thought, 1 sitting desk is enough. What you really need to do, is get up and walk for 10 minute, walk, look far, every 2 hours. and, do exercise 30 minutes every 2 days.

Standing desk aint gonna fix ye back pain. it's yuppie's wishful thinking.

Wobble Board

I tried this on a standing desk for 10 min. I love it.

wobble board CCmhs
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on chosing a chair.

chairs 2021-08-17
chairs 2021-08-17

This is my fav chair:

flash furni chair 2021-08-18
my fav chair Buy at amazon


kneeling chair 2020-08-31 2bhpC
Kneeling Chair

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