bow and arrow

By Xah Lee. Date: .
bow and arrow 2021-06-18
bow and arrow

The thing about bow is, it's a most ancient elite weapon, human animal's companion. Till about two hundred years ago, it became a relic. Largely now for entertainment and sport.

There is bow designed for fishing.

fishing bow 2021-06-18
fishing bow

Interesting thing to note is that, functionality wise, the compound bow, or pulley bow, is now the most efficient bow.

Now, with fishing bow, let's look at fishing spear. What happened to them? Or, the trident, and harpoon. The trident, used by sea god Poseiden, why is it 3-prong? Is it just symbolic or does fishing spear actually works best with 3-prong?

fishing spear 2021-06-18
fishing spear

The thing about fishing spear is that, it is also, the most primitive, ancient, way to fish for food. Subsistence. Today, it seems, also resigned to become a sports and fun.

Apparently, spear fishing is a thing, still a lot people do around globe.