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the catboard is one of the early DIY keyboard, around 2013.

catboard keyboard 15278
catboard keyboard. 〔Key count: 60 keys.〕

This is a nice compact design.

catboard keyboard newcaps2 catboard keyboard 01086
catboard keyboard
catboard keyboard layout
catboard keyboard layout

catboard home at

Pre-Assembled Catboard

Apparently, some Chinese company is selling it on taobao.

catboard keyboard 87307
catboard keyboard [image source 2018-01-24]

They sell several versions. One is finished product, and they also sell the full kit.

catboard keyboard 27772
catboard keyboard. “自作キットのPCBと完成品のPCBを見比べたんだけど...なんかUSBのコネクターが逆さまになってる...USB機器がエラーコード43だったのはこれが原因かなぁ? エラーが出る基板の方はUSBをつなげるとチップがとんでもなく熱くなる...” [ 2018-01-24]

It appears, the full-kit may have electronic problems, where the usb connector is reversed and the chip gets very hot. i don't fully understand the Japanese.

catboard keyboard 26506
catboard keyboard 26506


In comparsion to other super compact keyboards, i think i like catboard better.

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