Atreus Keyboard

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The Atreus keyboard started in 2014.

atreus keyboard by Phil Hagelberg 2015-06-17
Atreus keyboard by Phil Hagelberg. 〔image source ©

Total key count: 42 keys.

The interesting thing about the Atreus is that it doesn't have the top row of number keys. And, it doesn't have the key columns on the sides neither. (that's normally for {Tab ⇥, ⇧ Shift, Ctrl, `, Return ↩, ⌫ Backspace, …} keys).

The Atreus minimize key count extremely, with a total of only 42 keys. To access number and symbols such as {! @ # $}, you need to press a combination with a modifier key. Its large thumb keys are not right under the thumbs, so i think this is a bit extreme.

Typing on Atreus Keyboard

this video is long, 26 minutes. Just skip around.

Atreus Keyboard

To see typing on it, jump to 25:00.

Atreus Keyboard Layout

atreus keyboard layout 10320
Atreus keyboard layout

Note it doesn't have keys for number, nor symbols such as ( ) " ' + = ! @ # $.

To enter these, you need to hold the Fn key.

atreus keyboard layout-fn
Atreus keyboard layout, fn layer. (hold the Fn key.)
atreus keyboard layout-bonus
Atreus keyboard layout, bonus layer.

Atreus Keyboard 5 Rows, 58 Keys Version

atreus keyboard 58 keys 2017 03 04
Atreus, 58 keys version, with bigger gap in middle. 〔image source

Atreus Keyboard 5 Rows, 62 Keys Version

A custom-built alternative version, with 1 extra row, and 2 extra columns.

atreus keyboard 5 rows atreus62
Atreus 62. 62 keys. Custom-Built by Benjamin Grabkowitz @bgrabkowitz.

For more info about this build, see

Nomic62 Keyboard

Here's a custom keyboard similar to Atreus.

atreus nomic62 keyboard 2016-05-05
nomic62 keyboard. 〔source:

Atreus Keyboard Gallery

Atreus Keyboard Gallery

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