CM MasterKeys PBT Keyboard

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CM MasterKeys PBT Series

The Cooler Master MasterKeys PBT Series came out in June, 2017.

The PBT Series is designed to not have fancy rgb colors, focus on practical usefulness.

CM MasterKeys PBT b638a
CM MasterKeys PBT series keyboard, with extra keycaps installed. Buy at amazon
CM MasterKeys PBT e4158
CM MasterKeys PBT series Buy at amazon

Available in 2 models.

CM MasterKeys PBT d6ba0
CM MasterKeys PBT
CM MasterKeys PBT 05e47
CM MasterKeys PBT. Thick keycaps Buy at amazon

It features thick PBT plastic keycaps. PBT plastic keycap is a quality keycap used in high-end keyboards.

[see Keyboard Keycaps: ABS, PBT]

Your choice of CHERRY MX red/brown/blue key switches.

Features for all models:

CM MasterKeys PBT 251d0
Easy Switch layouts: QWERTY, Dvorak, Workman,

[see Alternative Keyboard Layouts]

If you have a question, put $5 at patreon and message me.

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