Dactyl keyboard

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The Dactyl keyboard is made by Matt Adereth, around 2014-04.

Dactyl keyboard top view 52983
Dactyl keyboard

Total key count: 70.

Dactyl keyboard front 57990
Dactyl keyboard
Commando 23 Dactyl keyboard 95964
Dactyl keyboard.

Typing on the Dactyl Keyboard

Typing on the Dactyl Keyboard, by Matt Adereth
Dactyl keyboard 38710 s
[image source reddit ]

Dactyl keyboard is the best

The best keyboard, that i've ever put my hands on, is now, Dactyl keyboard.

[see San Francisco Bay Area Keyboard Meetup 2017-11 Impressions]

It's super light and elegant! and, is the most comfortable of all, more comfortable than Kinesis Advantage.

kinesis dactyl keyboard 201711 52a0 s
Kinesis Advantage2 KeyboardDactyl keyboard 4032×3024 [image source https://imgur.com/gallery/ust1e by toydirt]

of the keyboards of similar thumb keys layout, with respect to thumb comfort and ease of reach, i put them in this order:

  1. Dactyl keyboard (best)
  2. Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard or Maltron Keyboard
  3. Ergodox Keyboard

if your hand size is Asian, i'd say, you'd feel similar.

The kinesis vs maltron, i haven't decided. I use kinesis at home, but only tried maltron for half a minute.

3D Modeling, Keyboard Design, Clojure, and Emacs

Matt Adereth - clojure core typing

truely enjoyed this video. You see 3D modeling software, 3D printing, keyboard design/making, using clojure to control, and finally, emacs too!

see his blog at [3D Printing With Clojure By Matt Adereth. At http://adereth.github.io/blog/2014/04/09/3d-printing-with-clojure/ , accessed on 2015-11-16 ]

first reddit discussion at reddit

many build comes up regularly. Search reddit.

more photos at

Dactyl keyboard 54199
Dactyl keyboard. [image source reddit ]

Dactyl Keyboard Home Page


Comparable keyboards are:

Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard Review

Maltron Keyboard Review

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