Happy Hacking Keyboard Anime

By Xah Lee. Date: .
hhkb in anime c0af1
hhkb in anime
hhkb in anime bc065
hhkb in anime
  1. panel 1 (start from right): Miss Chun, would you tell me your phone account number and password?
  2. eh? oh, it's...
  3. panel 3: what ... what's this keyboard?
  4. it doesn't have many keys.
  5. eh? how does one type on this?
  6. it's all blanks, no letters...
  7. panel 4: on this matter ...

wait, it's magna, not anime, weabo say?

yeah. to be uncouth, the proper term is Japanese style comics, and, Japanese style animation.

lol, ya all irredeemable faux pop fobs.

swing it when u got substance.