Intel NUC Mini Computer

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Discovered Intel NUC. It's a mini computer comparable to MacMini. The whole box Measures just 117 mm x 112 mm. (4.6 × 4.4) and heigh is 35 mm or 51 mm depending on model that includes a extra drive bay.

Intel NUC D54250WYKH 20140606 y8nqn
Intel NUC, fits on a palm. [photo by Devan Hsu flickr © []]

Intel NUC began around 2013. Every year or two, it comes out with a new generation. Each generation has several models, with weak cpu and more powerful cpu. For each model, it sells just the motheboard, or, a kit, or as complete prebuilt PC comes with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

The current generation is 10th generation.

intel nuc 2020-07-19 z642q
intel nuc 2020-07-19.

intel nuc

As of 2021-03-29, i do not recommend intel chips. Buy razen. I was interested because i was shopping for a new computer, and find small form factor attractive. There are small form factors with Razen chips too. But eventually i bought a full sized gaming machine. [see Xah Gaming Computer]