Microsoft Sidewinder Gaming Keyboards

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Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard

Microsoft's SideWinder X4 keyboard came out in January, 2010.

microsoft x4 keyboard-2
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• Microsoft's SideWinder X4 and X6's right side {Alt, ▤ Menu, Ctrl} is more to the right than standard gaming keyboard positions. Note the Alt is under /, while all Logitech Gaming Keyboards have it under between {,, .}. I don't know about gaming, but for programing or using Emacs, it's not good because you can't curl-in your thumb to press it.

• 6 extra function buttons, on the left side. For programers, you can make those do {Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo}, saves you lots hand contortion.

• Dedicated multimedia keys {, , , 🔇}. Nice. Some gaming keyboard don't have them, or make you use Fn.

Microsoft Sidewinder X6

Microsoft's SideWinder X6 keyboard came out in August, 2008. It's discontinued as of .

MS Sidewinder x6 gaming keyboard
MS Sidewinder X6 gaming keyboard Buy at amazon

Interesting feature/differences:

Overall, i wouldn't recommend Microsoft gaming keyboard. Better is

All the above mentioned use mechanical key switches.