Microsoft Sidewinder Gaming Keyboards

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Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard

I haven't had any hands-on experience with Microsoft's SideWinder keyboards.

microsoft x4 keyboard-2
“Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard” Buy at amazon

• Microsoft's SideWinder X4 and X6's right side {Alt, ▤ Menu, Ctrl} is more to the right than standard gaming keyboard positions. Note the Alt is under /, while all Logitech Gaming Keyboards have it under between {,, .}. I don't know about gaming, but for programing or using Emacs, it's not good because you can't curl-in your thumb to press it.

• 6 extra function buttons, on the left side. For programers, you can make those do {Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo}, saves you lots hand contortion.

• Dedicated multimedia keys {, , , 🔇}. Nice. Some gaming keyboard don't have them, or make you use Fn.

Microsoft Sidewinder X6

MS Sidewinder x6 gaming keyboard
MS Sidewinder X6 gaming keyboard Buy at amazon

Sidewinder X6 is discontinued as of .

Interesting feature/differences:

Overall, i wouldn't recommend Microsoft gaming keyboard. Better is

logitech g710plus keyboard
Logitech G710+ Mechanical

All the above mentioned use mechanical key switches.

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