Kaihua Kailh Switch

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Kailh switch is a Cherry MX compatible switch, made by Chinese company “Kaihua Electronics Co., Ltd.”. (凯华).

Kaihua makes many types of switches, for keyboard, mouse, and other industrial applications.

Kailh Traditional (KT) Switches

The most common one is what they call Traditional Switch (KT) for keyboard. These are Cherry MX compatible switches.

Kailh kt switch 2020-07-22 G7DNW-s400
Kailh KT switch
Kailh switch spec, 2022
Switch nameFeelActuation force
🟫 Regular BrownTactile50 g
🟦 Regular BlueClicky50 g
🟥 Regular RedLinear45 g
🟫 Box BrownTactile60 g
⬜ Box WhiteClicky45 g
🟥 Box RedLinear50 g
🟫 Silent BrownTactile45 g
Silent PinkLinear35 g

Kailh KT Switch Spec

screenshot 2020-07-22 XXB8q
list of Kailh traditional switches. 2020-07-22

Kailh Box Switch

Kailh Box Switches are improved Cherry MX compatible switches.

Kailh Choc Switch

Kailh Choc is new low-profile switches.

Kailh vs Cherry MX

kailh vs cherry mx switch 2020-04-20 f94s2
kailh vs cherry mx switch 2020-04-20 [see Ultimate Hacking Keyboard]

Keyboards Using Kailh KT Switches

Here's a sample list of keyboards using KT switch.

noppoo lolita spyder 87 keyboard 64035 s
Noppoo Lolita Spyder keyboard. Kailh switch. 1632×1224 [image source reddit ]

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard, Steelseries, Mad Catz, and others.

The following are just list of early adopters from 2015.

redragon k552 keyboard 18034
Redragon K552 Keyboard Buy at amazon
Nixeus MODA v2 keyboard 80606
Nixeus MODA v2 keyboard, Kailh blue switch. Buy at amazon
Azio MGK1 keyboard 01306
Azio MGK1 Keyboard, with Kailh Blue switch. Buy at amazon
Mad Catz STRIKE 7 Keyboard
Mad Catz STRIKE7 Keyboard Buy at amazon
Mad Catz STRIKE TE Keyboard 36147
Mad Catz STRIKE TE (Tournament Edition). Kailh brown switch. Buy at amazon

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