Mechanical Keyboard: Kailh Switch

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Kailh switch is a Cherry MX compatible switch, made by Chinese company “Kaihua Electronics Co., Ltd.”. (凯华). Home page at

keyboard kailh switch chart
kailh switch, comes in several models, with the same color code and characteristics as Cherry MX switches.

〔►see Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

many big-brand keyboards are starting to use kailh switch, or using a switch custom made by the company, including:

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard, Steelseries, Mad Catz, and others.

noppoo lolita spyder 87 keyboard 64035
Noppoo Lolita Spyder keyboard. Kailh switch. Noppoo Lolita keyboard 〔image source reddit
noppoo lolita87 keyboard 94167
noppoo Lolita 87 mechanical keyboard, Kailh switch. Noppoo Lolita keyboard

Kailh vs Cherry MX, is Kailh good quality?

Some say it's made in China, a clone, thus bad. Others points out the company makes lots of industrial switches used everywhere, and Cherry MX's quality control has been going downhill.

as of now (), there's no substantial evidence either way.

for more details of the Kailh switch, see:

reddragon k552 keyboard
Redragon K552 KUMARA LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Black) Buy at amazon
Nixeus MODA mechanical keyboard
Nixeus MODA mechanical keyboard, using Kailh brown switch. Buy at amazon
Azio MGK1 keyboard 04447
Azio MGK1 Keyboard, with Kailh Blue switch. Buy at amazon
Mad Catz STRIKE TE Keyboard 36147
Mad Catz STRIKE TE Tournament Mechanical keyboard. Kailh brown switch. Buy at amazon

search amazon and you'll find lots. keyboard kailh switch

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