Ultimate Hacking Keyboard V2

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Ultimate Hacking Keyboard Version 2, is announced around 2020-12-18. It is a improvement of the version 1 Ultimate Hacking Keyboard.

uhk v2 20230418 192823611
uhk v2 20230418 192823611
UHK v2 top 20230406 02703-s33
UHK v2.

Split Keyboard

The keyboard can be split. The two parts are connected by magnets.

UHK v2 l 20230406 07956-s33
UHK v2 left side
UHK v2 r 20230406 53053-s33
UHK v2 right side

Xah Talk Show 2023-04-18 UHK Ultimate Hacking Keyboard V2 Review

Xah Talk Show 2023-04-18 UHK Ultimate Hacking Keyboard V2 Review


Xah Talk Show 2023-04-05 Unboxing Ultimate Hacking Keyboard V2

USB Connection

UHK v2 USB 20230406 45011-s33
USB-C Port

Key Switches and Hot-swappable Sockets

Available key switch choices from UHK:

uhk switches 2023-03-25
different types of switches. [image source: https://ultimatehackingkeyboard.com/product/uhk60v2]
Switch nameFeelActuation force
Box White Clicky45 gf
Regular Blue Clicky50 gf
Silent PINK Linear35 gf
Regular Red Linear45 gf
Box Red Linear50 gf
Silent Brown Tactile45 gf
Regular Brown Tactile50 gf
Box Brown Tactile50 gf

The switch on mine is Silent Pink.

I recommend linear light switches, 35g to 45 activation force.

I recommend the Kailh BOX Switch . They are more smooth than the Cherry MX Switches.

Further, if you are used to the gamer's super light Cherry MX Red linear switches, i recommend the Silent Pink switch. It is the Kailh BOX Silent Pink Switch. It is super smooth, and super quiet. Quieter than Cherry MX Red Silent. [see Keyboard Key Switch Loudness Comparison]

Keycap and Key Labels

The keycap used is PBT plastic, one of the best, with double-shot labeling tech, so key labels never wear-off.

Backlight (functional coloring)

The keyboard has backlight, and the color of the light depends on the function of the key.

And when a modifier key is pressed, other active keys are colored red (for keymap change) or blue (for key macros). If you have remapped keys, the light color changes accordingly.

This functional light coloring system is a superb design, and is also a innovation by UHK.

UHK v2 backlight 20230406 06382-s33
UHK v2 backlight

Turn Off Backlight, Adjust Brightness

UHK agent backlight 2023-04-07
UHK agent backlight user interface


You can attach them in several ways:

UHK v2 back 20230406 05837-s33
UHK v2 back 20230406 05837-s33

The design of the feet is very nice, just snap in and twist to lock.

UHK v2 feet 20230406 37939-s33
UHK v2 feet


uhk v2 display 20230418 TyKDd
UHK LED display. There are also {mod, fn, mouse} key status indicators (invisible when off).

The big letters indicate current keymap. The letters can be programed to display any alphanumerics.

Programable Keys

uhk 2 memory 2023-04-18 195304
uhk 2 memory 2023-04-18 195304

Builtin Layouts

By default, press the following keys to switch to a keymap

For each keymap, there are 4 layers:

uhk base layer 2023-04-06
uhk base layer 2023-04-06
uhk mod layer 2023-04-06
uhk mod layer 2023-04-06
uhk mouse layer 2023-04-06
uhk mouse layer 2023-04-06
uhk fn layer 2023-04-06
uhk fn layer 2023-04-06

Layout for emacs xah-fly-keys

Addon Modules

Palm Rest

UHK v2 top 20230406 21497-s33
UHK V2. addon thumb modules and palm rest. (both sold separately)

To attach palm rest, just twist the screw in. No need screw-driver.

UHK v2 palmrest 20230406 36751-s33
UHK v2 palmrest 20230406 36751-s33

Difference Between UHK Version 1 and Version 2

New features in Version 2:


UHK V2 is on the expensive side, but everything about it is the best design and quality possible.

Good parts:

Bad parts:

Where to Buy

If you get this, tip me $5. Goto https://www.paypal.com/ and pay xah@xahlee.org

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