Where to Buy Keycaps

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Havit PBT Keycaps 2020-06-18 yn8cj-s397x403
Havit PBT Keycap Set Buy at amazon
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HUO JI E-Element PBT Double Shot Keycap Set - 12 Translucent Backlit Key Cap, Blue Metal Color for All Mechanical Keyboards with Key Puller Buy at amazon

translucent Keycaps

Max Keyboard Universal Cherry Translucent keycaps set Buy at amazon

front print translucent keycap 42500
front print keycaps
card suite keycaps 3013
Max Keyboard - Cherry MX R4 1X1 Backlit Novelty Keycap Set β€œMultimedia” with Wire Keycap Puller Buy at amazon


Artistic 3D Keycaps

paw 3d keycap 62445-s333x188
Cute Keycaps
keycap raven half-face 72101-s250x250
Artistic Keycap Gallery 2

The artistic 3D ones are typically custom crafted, not mass produced.

They can be expensive, $30 per keycap or more.


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