Keyboard with Trackball

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

This is a mechanical keyboard, with back-lighting, and, with a trackball, and scroll wheel!

tesoro keyboard trackball 2
Tesoro G6TL Keyboard. amazon
tesoro keyboard trackball scroll wheel-2
Tesoro G6TL Keyboard. amazon

Quite amazing is that, this trackball also has a builtin scroll-wheel.

Also, they designed it so that the whole thing is no bigger than a traditional keyboard, and you still have all the keys.

tesoro keyboard trackball 4
4-level illumination. amazon
tesoro keyboard trackball side
Tesoro G6TL Keyboard. amazon
tesoro keyboard trackball top
Tesoro G6TL Keyboard. amazon

Seems sometimes it's marketed as iOne.

tesoro keyboard trackball 1-s
6000×3376 amazon

currently, it's priced at $150 on amazon.

You can get a mid-level mechanical keyboard such as Cooler Master Mechanical Keyboards that's about $80, then get a good trackball any where from $40 to $70. See Best Trackballs 2016.