Model 1 Prototypes

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: . angled front view rainbow-s front view rainbow-s butterfly and any-s front seen from eye level-s front view flat-s hands on model 01-s
hands on keycap removed-s model 01 RGB mechanical keys. keys left half-s
left side left side raised-s looking across from front l corner-s model 01 on tripod-s product on steel-s right half keys-s right side raised-s sculpted keycaps-s model 01 side closeup top down bluekeys-s two halves macbook split-s two halves separated-s up and to the left front view rainbow-s keyboard back-s

Matias mechanical key switch
Matias mechanical key switch [see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms] model prototype 2017 01 09
keyboardio model 01 prototype, 2017-01-09. [image source by Gergely Nagy. © [] ]
keyboardio M1 2017 06 13 left c01f6
keyboardio M1 2017-06-13 left side [[ image source ] [ 2017-06-13 ] ]
keyboardio M1 2017 06 13 right bb658
keyboardio M1 2017-06-13 right side

Here is a hands-on review by a keyboard firmware programer working on a prototype.

[Keyboardio Model 01 prototype By Gergely Nagy. At , accessed on 2017-01-03 ]

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