The Idiocy of Hacker Keyboards

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Das Keyboard

Happy Hacking Keyboard

The Happy Hacking Keyboard. The worst keyboard possible. No function keys, no number keypad, no {Home, End, PageUp, PageDown, Backspace ⌫} keys, and no arrow keys!

So, when you need to press F1, now you need to press 2 keys, by holding Fn then press 1. Hacker Progress?

Like other weird keyboards, this one has some kinda hacker association, and is often reviewed on geek sites. Occasionally, you see programers on the web claiming how they love this keyboard.

The name “happy hacking” is probably responsible for boosting its popularity among “hackers”, with the ostensible absence of the Microsoft Windows logo on that modifier key. This makes it popular among linux users. If you own one, you can strike a conversation with it.

I got curious about this keyboard's history. Apparently, it's made by PFU Systems, and the website states: “a Fujitsu company”, of Japan. Quote:

PFU Systems, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of PFU Ltd. of Japan.

That somewhat makes it understandable. If you have visited Japan, you'll notice that everything comes in a miniaturized size. Cars, roads, furniture, office equipment, rice bowels, chopsticks, etc.

Cost? A whopping ~$260.

For detail of this keyboard's problem, see: Happy Hacking Keyboard .

Optimus Popularis Keyboard