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The keymouse, is a mouse and keyboard combined into one. It came out around 2018. Stopped production in 2020-02, but as of 2020-05, they are planning to continue. [ ]

There are primarily 2 models

keymouse 2018 009f1
KeyMouse Alpha on left, KeyMouse Track on right. 2018. Note that KeyMouse Alpha has only 3 rows, but KeyMouse Track has 4. [image source]

KeyMouse Alpha

keymouse from kowodo 20180712 7x37m-s1155x866
KeyMouse Alpha, photo by kowodo 2018 4000×3000

KeyMouse Track

keymouse 2020-01-14 rnvqd
KeyMouse Track [Photo from Kathy 2020-01-14]
keymouse a5061
KeyMouse Track [image source]

It's expensive. $500 as of 2018-11-18

Size Comparison

keymouse 2020-01-14 3jrvy
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard, KeyMouse Track, IBM Thinkpad keyboard, Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, [Photo from Kathy 2020-01-14]
kinesis dactyle keymouse 80326
Kinesis Advantage2 KeyboardDactyl keyboardKeyMouse [image source]

Programable Software

keymouse software 2020 36hp9
keymouse software. screenshot by Kowodo

Video Reviews

Which KeyMouse Product is Best for You - Alpha, Track, ChairTrack
Nov 19, 2018


keymouse 9748e
[image source]
keymouse 7c1b1
[image source]
keymouse 41ab9
[image source]
keymouse a1f95
[image source]
keymouse 99903
[image source]

KeyMouse Comet

KeyMouse Comet, announced around 2019 March, but never in production as of 2020-05-08.

keymouse comet w72dc-s1190x681
3940×2253 [[ ]]

This doesn't seem like a good design.

When you have a symmetric keyboard, a lot nerds naturally think the center is the proper place to put the trackball. But that's actually a unnatural position with regards to hands.

The proper position for trackball, is actually near the thumb for a small trackball, or on the side for large trackball.

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