Leopold FC660C keyboard

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Leopold is a Korean company. They are best known for the Leopold FC660C keyboard, featuring Topre Switch , same used in Happy Hacking Keyboard of Japan.

Leopold fc660c keyboard 2020-07-22 tnKrY-s900
Leopold FC660C keyboard [photo from mobyfish 2020-07-22 ] 4001ร—1793


[see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

PBT is a high quality plastic for keycaps. It doesn't create ugly shiny surface after long use.

[see Keycap Material: ABS, PBT, PVC, POM]

It also features dye-sublimated key labels. The means, the key labels are sinked into the keycap plastic. It is impossible to wear off.

[see Key Label Printing Tech]

Oh, and very expensive.

Between Leopold FC660C and the Happy Hacking Keyboard, I think the Leopold is the better keyboard, simply because it has arrow keys and more modifier keys.

Leopold FC660M (Cherry MX Switches)

Leopold FC660M has Cherry MX Switch.

Leopold fc660m keyboard korean 85386
Leopold FC660M with Korean legends. Leopold FC660M

Difference Between FC660C and FC660M

They looks similar but are two completely different keyboards.

Key layouts are overall the same.

Leopold FC980C (Topre with Numpad)