Leopold FC660C Topre Switch keyboard

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Leopold is a Korean company. They are perhaps best known for the Leopold FC660C keyboard, featuring electrostatic capacitance (aka Topre) switch, same used in Happy Hacking Keyboard of Japan.

Leopold fc660c keyboard 72579-m-s
Leopold FC660C keyboard. amazon 〔photo by Acetrak, from https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=42825.0
Leopold fc660c keyboard 49500
Leopold FC660C, white. amazon

O, and very expensive. Close to three hundred dollars.

Leopold fc660c keyboard hhkb 98918-s
FC660C and HHKB. amazon 〔photo by Acetrak, from https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=42825.0

Between Leopold FC660C and the Happy Hacking Keyboard, I think the Leopold is the better keyboard, simply because it has arrow keys and more modifier keys.

Leopold FC660M Cherry MX Switch

What's the difference between FC660C and FC660M?

They are 2 separate keyboards, designed and built completely differently, but similar.

Key layouts are overall the same.

Leopold fc660m keyboard korean 85386
Leopold FC660M with Korean legends.
Leopold fc660m keyboard 94271
Leopold FC660M. 〔image source reddit.com…