Microsoft Sidewinder X3 Mouse

By Xah Lee. Date: .

This came out around May 19, 2009

Microsoft sidewinder x3 mouse 2
Microsoft Sidewinder X3

The X3 is symmetric.

In the end, i bought the Sindewinder X3, on discount, for $20 at a local Fry's Electronics. It is fantastic. The flat cylinder shaped scroll wheel is great, because it is easier to push as a actual button too. (Most non-gaming mouse's wheel is tube shaped and hard to press.) I choose this model because this is the smallest among them, and i have small hands. Also, this is the only among them that is symmetric for either hand. I always use 2 mouses, one for each hand. But i'm buying this mouse for my left hand. When playing combat games, i use left hand for mousing. Also, this is the lightest among them. I prefer mouse as light as possible. Those gaming mouses that comes with attachable weights seem ridiculous to me. Another great feature about this mouse, or perhaps the whole series, is that it is shaped so it is easy to grab and lift. You want it to be easily grabable for quick lifting, sometimes needed. Many mouses come in some oval shape that's comparably less easily grabable.

Note: I've been using X3 for close to 3 years now. It works fine, but in hindsight, in comparison to other mouses, i do not recommend X3. Because, the side buttons are hard to use. So, it's almost as good as none-existent.

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