Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard, came out in 2017.

microsoft foldable keyboard fgcq2
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This is for your iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows tablets.

microsoft foldable keyboard b8164
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Note, this is designed for tablets.

Note how awkward is the mouthful “Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard”. But they probably added the “Universal” to signify that it is for android iphone ipad too. Sans which, Microsoft Foldable Keyboard sends the wrong message. This topic is practical #linguistics.

another thing interesting is the key columns alignment is less slanted than conventional. Look at the keys 1 Q A Z. Conventionally, the key 1 is half a key to the left of Q.

This is a good thing. Instead of going ortholinear one shot, Microsoft does by gradual shift to rid of the slant.

They did the same with their Microsoft Surface Pro typecover keyboard, see

and also Surface Book keyboard, see