Obsolete Mouses

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cm recon mouse aba02-s273x229
CM Storm Recon
Logitech G700s mouse 07225-s263x238
Logitech G700s

Microsoft SideWinder

Logitech G9X

Logitech G500

Delux Wireless Vertical Upright M618

delux ergonomic mouse 89149
Delux wireless vertical ergonomic mouse. Buy at amazon
Delux M618 Vertical Mouse Review

This one is beautiful! On Amazon, the product name has “Dark Fleur”. The word “fleur” means “flower” in French. Apparently, this is part of a series of Logitech's “Fantasy Collection”. There's a matching mouse.

Logitech wireless mouse m305 dark fleur-s
“Logitech wireless mouse M305 (Dark Fleur)” 1500×1500 Buy at amazon

Microsoft Natural 6000 Ergonomic Mouse

As of this one is no longer made. Replaced by Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse 6000

Microsoft natural 6000 ergonomic mouse 04398
Buy at amazon
Microsoft natural 6000 ergonomic mouse 31006
Buy at amazon

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