Havit RGB Mouse

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Havit HV-MS794 RGB Mouse came out around July, 2017. Made by https://www.prohavit.com/

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Kinesis Advantage2 KeyboardHavit RGB Mouse
havit rgb mouse
Note the pinky grove. The mouse is rather narrow, and my ring finger naturally falls there. I find it very comfortabe. Some people, felt there's “pinky drag” issue. I never had that problem since i am not a palm gripper and never actually hug the mouse. Buy at amazon

It's a basic gaming mouse.

I must say, am VERY impressed.

First, here's the feature list from the company.

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Buy at amazon

First few things to note:

Large Size

13 x 7.6 x 4.2 cm

The mouse is large. One of the large ones. Excellent for palm grippers. I'm a claw gripper, but even me, am now using this mouse as default, replacing my Logitech G600 Mouse

Heavy Mouse

The mouse is heavy. 168 grams. About same weight as those wireless gaming mouse with battery.

I actually prefer mouse as light weight as possible. Yet, for some reason, i like this one.

RGB Color

By default, all LED flashes like rainbow the moment you plug it in. I don't care for such gamer's treat, but there you have it.

By default, it is not possible to turn them off without installing the driver software.

But one of the mode, by pressing the forward thumb button plus press the wheel, switches it to dim red for the mouse edge light. This is acceptable to me.

The mouse wheel and logo is breathing, by default. I wish i can make it steady, but don't want bother to download driver software to do so.

I don't have the drive software installed, and i don't plan to. (am using it on a Mac.)

The Mouse Wheel

The mouse wheel, is excellet!

Of ALL mouses i've used since i ever paid attention in the past 10 years, this mouse wheel, and its middle click, is BEST.

It's extremely comfortable to turn. It is a notched wheel, but extremely slight.

The wheel surface is somehow a very comfortable rubber material.

The middle click, is truly a joy to press.

The Buttons

Again, am very impressed.

The buttons are well done. Also, i like how the thumb button feels.

Some mouse have button problems. For example:

CM Storm Recon Mouse, has buttons that if you click, it may not register, even though it “clicked”.

• the Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse, the button also sometimes click but not register.

Braided Cables

It comes with braided cables.

Cable length is 1.8 meters. About arm to arm span.

havit rgb mouse cable wrap
It comes with a velcro wrap, so that you can bundle up the unused length to tidy it up. Buy at amazon



I did not expect much from this mouse.

But, I am impressed by it very much.

Now i use this mouse as my main mouse.

Highly recommended.