Keyboard Hardware Dvorak vs Software Dvorak

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Which is better, keyboard with Dvorak layout builtin, or software Dvorak via the operating system?

There are advantages for both. Overall, hardware dvorak is much better.

Hardware Dvorak Advantage


Software Dvorak Advantage


Switching Layout

Using software Dvorak, you can toggle between QWERTY or DVORAK, by pressing Left Alt+Shift or โ– Window+Space .

Using hardware Dvorak, you can usually toggle either by pressing a special key, or by using a switch on the back of the keyboard. It depends on the keyboard.

For example, on Kinesis Advantage Keyboard, you can switch by pressing special button progm+F3 for QWERTY and progm+F4 for Dvorak.

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Dvorak Layout