Programer's Dvorak

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Programer's Dvorak layout

Programer's Dvorak layout is a keyboard layout based on Dvorak Keyboard Layout, by changing the number row keys and a couple other keys.

programer dvorak layout CJGMP
Programer's Dvorak layout. (red is different from Dvorak)

Programmer Dvorak is created by Roland Kaufmann, in 1997. Home page at

Difference Between Programable Dvorak vs Dvorak

Is Programer's Dvorak Better Than Dvorak?

It depends on what programing language you code. If you code in cpp, java, then it is better.

if you code a lot math e.g. Wolfram Language, julia lang, matlab, statistics, or accunting e.g. spreadsheet, you need a lot numbers. Programer's Dvorak is much worse.


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Dvorak Layout