Sanwa Wireless Trackball MA-WTB43BK

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This one came out in , from Japan.

Sanwa wireless trackball MA WTB43BK 01482
Sanwa Wireless Trackball Mouse MA-WTB43BK. Buy at amazon

Vast majority of reviews on amazon are positive, saying this is better than the Logitech M570 Trackball .


Normal Left button and right button, groved.

Big scroll wheel. No tilt.

There are 3 buttons on top left. The two 2 buttons near the ball is browser forward and backward.

The far-away button seems to be DPI switch.

Sanwa wireless trackball MA WTB43BK box aef00
Sanwa wireless trackball MA-WTB43BK box. Buy at amazon

Work in Linux?

Yes. Works in Linux out of the box. No driver software needed.

You can remap mouse buttons in Linux using xinput. [see Linux: How to Swap Mouse Buttons]

Speedlink APTICO Trackball

This seems to be rebranded in UK as Speedlink APTICO trackball.

speedlink aptico trackball boxed
Speedlink Aptico Trackball [image source imgur ]
speedlink aptico trackball logitech m570 s
Sanwa Wireless Trackball MA-WTB43BK โ€ข Logitech M570 Trackball [image source imgur ]

Here is a reddit review reddit