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Here's a collection of the best websites for typing tutorial, typing test, and typing games.

Typing Tutorials

Here's a list of the best typing tutorials.

https://www.typing.com/student/start (QWERTY only)


http://thetypingcat.com/ (supports many layouts: QWERTY, Dvorak, Colemak, and others.)

Typing Speed Test Sites

xah typing speed 2017 06 09
xah typing speed 2017-06-09 this is about my best. 90 wpm. try at http://typing-speed-test.aoeu.eu/?lang=en

Here's good typing speed test sites.

Typing Games

z-type game
Z-Type. Typing shoot'them'up. by Dominic Szablewski. Play at https://zty.pe/

Or, buy

typing of the dead overkill poster 2013 s
Typing of the Dead

About Typing Speed Test

Professional typists type 70 word-per-minute (wpm) and can maintain that speed for at least 30 minutes.

In word-per-minute count, 5 key strokes is counted as 1 word. So, 100 WPM is 500 keys-per-minute. (often known as Chars-per-minute (CPM).)

Typing speed score depends a lot on the words used. Daily speech words such as “how are you today” are easy to type. Words from newspapers, magazines, books, are more difficult.

If one site says you are 80 wpm, another site might say 60 wpm. If you are comparing your speed to a friend, you two must use the same site.

Keyboard and Typing Speed

What kind of keyboard you use have significant effect on your typing speed.

In general, flat, shallow key keyboard such as laptop keyboard are faster than fancy ergonomic keyboards such as Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard

Fastest Typist

Fastest Typist: Ultimate Typing Championship Final 2010

The fastest typing speed on an alphanumeric keyboard, 216 words in one minute, was achieved by Stella Pajunas in 1946 on an IBM electric.[5][6][7] As of 2005, writer Barbara Blackburn was the fastest alphanumerical English language typist in the world, according to The Guinness Book of World Records. Using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard, she maintained 150 wpm for 50 minutes, and 170 wpm for shorter periods. Her top speed was 212 wpm. Current online records of sprint speeds on short text selections are 290 wpm, achieved by Guilherme Sandrini, on typingzone.com, and 256 wpm (a record caught on video), achieved by Sean Wrona, on TypeRacer. Wrona also maintained 174 wpm on a 50 minute test taken on hi-games.net.[8]

[from Wikipedia Words per minute]

Typing Habits, Repetitive Strain Injury

Habit, Injury

Mouse Pain

emacs, vi, RSI

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