Why Swap Mouse Middle-Click and Right-Click?

By Xah Lee. Date:

The right-click action is not much used, and middle-click is much useful. And right button is much easier to press than pressing the mouse wheel.

Right-click activates a context menu. For majority of people, that's mostly used in browser, and not very often.

The mouse wheel button by default does several more useful things in all major browsers:

  1. Click on a link to open it in new tab.
  2. Click on a tab to close it. (no need to aim for that little X.)
  3. Click on a empty spot to start auto-scroll. Useful for fast scroll (faster than mouse-wheel) and for scrolling a large image sideways. (on Linux, Firefox, you need to turn on autoscroll. [see Firefox: Set Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed] [see Linux: AutoScroll on Google Chrome Browser])

How to Swap Mouse Buttons?

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