Xah Emacs Blog Archive 2019-10

xah-fly-keys with Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

Emacs: xah-dired.el
better User Interface for xah-dired-scale-image

Emacs: Insert Bracket Pairs, electric-pair-mode

emacs, elisp. xah-select-block, xah-fly-keys, magit, git, german alphabet ß, keyboard layout 2019-12-26

Emacs: Xah Fly Keys Customization
updated. better code for changing command/insert or toggle.

unicode, ancient/weird alphabets, rune, braille, combinatorics based system, astronomy astrology symbols 2019-12-15

Emacs: Xah JavaScript Mode, xah-js-mode.el
minor update. get it.

emacs lisp live coding + tutorial. command to convert png to jpg while in html buffer 2019-12-09

hyphenated words, orthography, emacs input symbol/emoji é♥, writing styles of programing lang docs 2019-12-07

how to contribute to emacs, linux firewall iptable networking 2019-12-06

new emacs redo package, by Campbell Barton (aka ideasman42)


Supposedly this redo package does not have undo corruption.

See also:

do not donate to Wikipedia, Naruto swirl, fishball, fishcake 🍥, BIG rant emacs undo/redo. 2019-12-04

Emacs: xah-dired.el
xah-dired-show-metadata code update

Emacs Development Update, video talk by by John Wiegley

https://media.emacsconf.org/2019/03.html lost sound at 9:10

emacs 27, some summary:

Emacs: Show kill-ring (Show Copy History) 🚀
minor code change

emacs lisp, what is metadata, command to show/delete metadata. 2019-12-01

XahTV 2019-11-27 emacs, image resize, crop, convert, rename

DIY keyboard Rhapsody: Gergo, Georgi, Ginni, Butter Stick, DIY Datahand, Kyria, POS keyboards. 2019-11-26

Kinesis Savant Elite2 Foot Pedal
now proper reviewed

emacs lisp live coding, add Norman layout support to xah fly keys, hybrid vigor. 2019-11-24

Emacs: Toggle Letter Case 🚀

updated xah-toggle-letter-case , now consider hyper or low line as word boundaries.

Emacs: Rename File, Space to Hyphen/Lowline 🚀

fixed xah-dired-rename-space-to-hyphen. 2019-11-21 thanks to eiuapp and tomtsang.

playing footsie in office with trackball and pedals 2019-11-21

livestream demo of keymouse on youtube, by “hello beautiful people”, 2019-11-26 11am San Francisco time

livestream demo of keymouse on youtube, by “hello beautiful people” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E11tORvZUII scheduled for 2019-11-26 Tuesday, 11am San Francisco time.

mark your calendar.

if you don't know what keymouse is, see Keymouse

Symbolics Space Cadet Keyboard
annotated what all those key means.

Richard Stallman on Common Lisp, 1981
Famous Programers on How Common Lisp Sucks

XahTV Arrow Keys efficiency, vim vs inverted T, WASD, 2 handed arrows. Emacs/vi Keys History. 2019-11-14

Miguel de Icaza vs rms 2019-11-09 msmm3
Miguel de Icaza vs rms 2019-11-09 msmm3

XahTV emacs lisp live coding + tutorial, open-buffer-in-firefox, open-link-in-firefox. typing speed test. 2019-11-10

Emacs: Open File in External App 🚀
added several open in specific browser commands

Emacs: Xah Fly Keys Customization
minor update. tips on modifying keys while in command mode or insert mode

join discord. interesting discussions on emacs, vim, keyboards, etc. xahlee discord

xah-fly-keys cheatsheet by eludom ( https://github.com/eludom/.emacs.d/blob/master/xfk-cheat-sheet.pdf )

XahTV happy hacking keyboard lisp 96 cpu cores, Voronoi diagram in hyperbolic space, emacs, powershell. 2019-11-06

Emacs: Xah HTML Mode

Emacs Init Setup
major rework on emacs init tutorial.

Emacs: Turn Off Emacs Auto Backup~

new Emacs: Real Automatic Save File

Emacs: Xah Fly Keys
xah-fly-keys version 10.10 of is out. lots minor improvements. Dan langlois's major contribution pull request on swappable keymap is not in yet.

new and updated.


Emacs: Open File in External App 🚀

refresh browser.

Emacs: Set Default Major Mode (updated)

Emacs: Open File in External App 🚀

fixed xah-show-in-desktop for Microsoft Windows 10. thanks to loyalpartner@163.com

xah emacs setup from scratch and live coding emacs lisp open-in-vscode 2019-11-01

emacs conference, all day today, live now



just installed vscode. first 5 min impression: fantastic!

vscode 2019-10-30 qtqnk
vscode 2019-10-30 qtqnk

now if i happened to implement xah fly keys in vscode sometimes in the future by some accidental boredom or such, then, emacs would be history. like, good bye 20 years of emacs.

i happened to install vscode on a whim now, cuz am working on modern js stuff webpack and it generate minimized code in 1 single line, emacs freezes with long line. and everytime i mention it, emacs fanatics flame you and lie.

emacs freeze long line 2019-10-30 yj3pr
emacs freeze long line 2019-10-30 yj3pr

new layout for xah-fly-keys xah-fly-keys with Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

Emacs Lisp: Get Dired Marked Files (updated code. )

Richard Stallman Stole Emacs Source Code from James Gosling

GNU Project Leaders Want RMS Out

updated at Richard Stallman Resigned from FSF, 2019-09-16

Note, it includes emacs tech leader John Wiegley.

I have mixed feeling about this. On one hand, rms has been wronged by the sjgang. But, rms has truly been the number 1 obstacle in emacs technical progress for past 10 years.

Google censor comp.emacs newsgroup. erasing 30 years of history.

Google Censor Comp.Emacs Newsgroup. Erasing 30 Years of History

How to Avoid Emacs Pinky added a pic of big corner key.

XahTV emacs customize, elisp xah-open-link-in-chrome, browser history, bible, Wandering Stars, Xah Talk Show 2019-10-07

XahTV nodejs, asynchronous vs currency vs parallel programing, golang, lisp cons 2019-10-02

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