Space-cadet Keyboard

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The Space-cadet keyboard came after the Knight keyboard.

Space-Cadet keyboard 2
Symbolics's Space-cadet keyboard. image source

Here's more photos of the Space-cadet keyboard, a brand new one.

space cadet keyboard 1
space-cadet keyboard 2
space-cadet keyboard 3
Space-cadet Keyboard has APL symbols, but not in standard APL layout.

〔►see How to Create APL or Math Symbols Keyboard Layout

space-cadet keyboard 4
space-cadet keyboard 5
Featuring Roman Numerals.
space-cadet keyboard 6
space-cadet keyboard 7
space-cadet keyboard 12
Featuring thumb up/down 👍 👎 and 👈 👉. In front of the keycaps are:

Photos of the Space-cadet keyboard by webwit At Used with permission.

For the key layout, see: Lisp Machine Keyboard Layout

For lots more photos of the space cadet keyboard, see:

Thanks to Jon Snader for tip.

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