DOM: Get Elements by ID, Tag, Name, Class, CSS Selector

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Here's how to get element in a HTML.

Get Current Script Element

Return the current script element. [see DOM: Get Current Script Element]

Get Element by Matching the Value of the “id” Attribute

Return a non-live element object. Returns null if not found.

Get Elements by Tag Name

Return a live HTMLCollection.
for (let e of document.getElementsByTagName("p")) { = "green"; }

Get Elements by Matching the Value of the “class” Attribute

Return a live HTMLCollection.
for (let e of document.getElementsByClassName("js")) { = "green"; }

Note: The class_values can be multiple classes separated by space. For example: "aa bb", and it'll get elements that has both class “aa” and “bb”.

<p class="aa">1</p>

<p class="bb">2</p>

<p class="bb aa">3</p>

<p class="bb cc aa">4</p>

<script>document.getElementsByClassName("aa bb");</script>

<!-- it'll get 3 and 4. -->

See also: DOM: List/Add/Remove Class Attribute

Get Elements by Matching the Value of the “name” Attribute

Return a live NodeList, of all elements that have name=val.

Here is a sample HTML:

<p name="abc">1</p>
<div class="zz" name="xyz">2</div>
<div class="zz" name="xyz">3</div>

<input name="xyz" type="text" size="20">

Here is JavaScript code that makes all elements with name="xyz" green.

for (let e of document.getElementsByName("xyz")) {"green"; }

Get Elements by CSS Selector Syntax

Return a non-live first element that match the CSS Selector Syntax .
Return a non-live NodeList, of elements that match the CSS selector.
for (let e of document.querySelectorAll ("p")) {"green"; }

How to Loop Thru Result

Since JS2015, both HTMLCollection and NodeList are Iterable objects.

Use for-of Loop.

for (let v of eleResult) {code}

For before JS2015 code, do like this:, f)


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