JS: Update URL Query String Parameter (window.location , window.history.pushState)

By Xah Lee. Date: .


if you have a Input Text Field such as a search box [see XahLee.info Search πŸ”] , and you want user to be able to use the URL to fetch the same search result they typed in the search box, what to do?


make your code do 2 things:

Get the URL Parameter Value

here's how to get the url param values:

const searchBox_kqWNN = document.getElementById("searchBox_kqWNN");

  const xurlSearchStr = (new URLSearchParams(window.location.search));
  if (xurlSearchStr) {
    ((<HTMLInputElement> searchBox_kqWNN).value) = xurlSearchStr.get("q");

Set the URL Parameter Value

here's how to get set url param values, from a search box value:

const xurl: URL = (new URL(window.location.toString()));
  xurl.searchParams.set("q", ((<HTMLInputElement> searchBox_kqWNN).value));
  window.history.pushState({}, "", xurl.toString());

JavaScript/DOM, Get/Set URL

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