Vortexgear Poker 3 Keyboard

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Vortexgear Poker 3 keyboard came out in 2014-10. (Vortexgear was known as KBC (KeyBoard to Cheer you up))

This keyboard, like the Happy Hacking Keyboard , has strong hacker connection for some reason. I suppose it's the quality of build.

This keyboard features a innovation, of programble keys, in such a way that you just press keys on the keyboard to start programing key macros, without needing to install software. The keyboard has 4 layers, 3 of which can be programed.

KBC Poker 3 keyboard 1
Vortexgear Poker 3 keyboard. 61 keys. Buy at amazon

Major features:

KBC Poker 3 keyboard pok3r logo
POK3R logo
Vortex Poker 3 (Pok3r) Mechanical Keyboard: Overview. For the key macro programing, jump to 4:15.
KBC Poker 3 keyboard 3
KBC Poker 3 keyboard, the light indicates you are in a different layer.

Programming Instruction:

“Custom Pok3r keyboard review (Zealiostotles)” This video review is for keyboard connoisseurs by a expert.
KBC Poker 3 keyboard keycap profile
KBC Poker 3 keyboard.

Dvorak, Colemak, Qwerty, Layouts

KBC Poker 3 keyboard layout
KBC Poker 3 keyboard.

Look at the arrow keys. You need to hold the Fn to press them. And Fn is positioned on the right side. So, it is awkward. Good thing is that you can set CapsLock to Fn.

In the back are 4 dip switches.

dip switch1234
CapsLock as Fnon
Swap Fn and Pnon

[see Ergonomic Keyboard Layouts]


In the end, i think this is a great keyboard for programers. In contrast to other gaming keyboards, this one, got dynamic key macros feature without needing extra software.

However, the keyboard does not have physical arrow keys. You can't play pacman with it.

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