Corsair K90/K95 Keyboard

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Corsair K95 Keyboard came out in September, 2011. Discontinued sometimes in 2014.

Corsair K95 Keyboard came out in April, 2013. Discontinued sometimes in 2015.

Corsair K95 Keyboard is update from K90.

Corsair K90 keyboard us lit top
Corsair K90 keyboard
Corsair K90 keyboard us lit
Corsair K90 keyboard, showing its extra function keys. Buy at amazon

What's the K90 got that's not in K60? [see Corsair K60 Keyboard]

K90 requires software, for those extra function keys. The K60 doesn't. I'd recommend the K60, because people on amazon have reported problems with the software and the key lighting. The extra G keys also makes the keyboard extra wide.

For extra function keys, i recommend rather to buy a separate keypad. Programable Keypads

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