Razer Ouroboros Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Razer Ouroboros Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Ouroboros mouse features 25746
Razer Ouroboros features

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This mouse is mouse over-kill.

It's, like, putting on spoiler on cars. (y'know? spoiler is those wing-like thing on the back of race cars, it acts like reverse wings, so when the car goes fast, it pushes the car down to the road so it doesn't skip.)

Razer Ouroboros mouse box 90447
Fancy glass box. [photo by crazyg0od33. Source: overclock.net ]

It comes in a giant “glass” box. This box wastes your money.

The mouse actually comes with a ARM 32-bit processor. Yeah, a CPU in the mouse. It needs to compute things.


Razer Ouroboros mouse battery 50144
“Razer Ouroboros wireless mouse, battery compartment” [photo by crazyg0od33. Source: overclock.net ]

• Wireless. → Good. Also can be used as a wired mouse. Just plug the USB cable directly into the mouse.

• Charging dock. → One extra thing to reduce your desk space. Though, the nice thing is that instead of plug/unplug the mouse every day, you just place it on the dock. Kinda saves you labor.

• Runs on 1 AA battery. 12 hours of continuous use. This means, you have to have the mouse sitting on the dock every 2 days.


Razer Ouroboros mouse battery 80188
“Razer Ouroboros wireless mouse, battery compartment” [photo by crazyg0od33. Source: overclock.net ]

3 buttons on each side. 2 silver colored ones, and beneath it is the 3rd button, called “DPI clutch-trigger”. Hold it down to temporarily increase/decrease the mouse's DPI. The clutch-trigger takes some pressure to hold.

Razer Ouroboros review.


Razer Ouroboros mouse palm height adjustment 63901
“Razer Ouroboros wireless mouse, palm height adjustment” [photo by crazyg0od33. Source: overclock.net ]

Twist the disk at the back of the mouse, to raise or lower the palm rest height.

Razer Ouroboros mouse vs rat 5
Mad Catz RAT vs Razer Ouroboros

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Dual Sensor

Razer Ouroboros mouse dual sensor 06879
Dual sensor. 1 optical, 1 laser. [photo by crazyg0od33. Source: overclock.net ]

• 8200 DPI. dual sensors. 1 laser, 1 optical.

Xah's Final Say

Think about the overall performance/price ratio. Then, this mouse is no good. Because:

Worst of all, Lots of terrible reviews on amazon. 15% of 1 star. 10% of 2 star. Many simply complain functional problem, such as wireless problem, charger problem, uncomfortable.

If this mouse is just $70, would i buy it? No.

if you are right-handed, a much better one is Logitech G700/G700s Mouse

if you are left-handed, get Razer's Left Handed Mouse .

Razer Orochi Mobile Gaming Mouse

Razer Orochi mouse
“Razer Orochi Mobile Gaming Mouse” Buy at amazon

this one is designed for on the go. Nice that it uses Bluetooth, so you don't need to plugin a extra USB wireless transmitter. When the battery is out, you can use it wired. (but it doesn't charge.)

I think a better one is