Razer Ouroboros & Orochi Wireless Gaming Mouse


Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse

Razer Ouroboros mouse info
“Razer Ouroboros wireless mouse” amazon

Note: there are actually 3 buttons on each side. There's 2 silver ones, but below it, where your thumb rests, is also a button.

Razer Ouroboros mouse dock
“Razer Ouroboros wireless mouse” amazon

I do not think this mouse's performance/price ratio is good. Because:

if you are right-handed, a much better one is Logitech Gaming Mouse G700/G700s

Razer Orochi Mobile Gaming Mouse

Razer Orochi mouse
“Razer Orochi Mobile Gaming Mouse” amazon

this one is designed for on the go. Nice that it uses Bluetooth, so you don't need to plugin a extra USB wireless transmitter. When the battery is out, you can use it wired. (but it doesn't charge.)

I think a better one is Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse


for comparable alternatives, see:

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