Mouse Size Comparisons

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Roughly from big to small.

ROCCAT Kone Mouse


ROCCAT KONE  Thermaltake level 10m  CM Storm Xornet mouse 20130724 PadawanGeek
โ€ข ROCCAT Kone Mouse โ€ข Thermaltake Level 10m โ€ข CM Storm Xornet mouse [photo by PadawanGeek, from image source ]

CM Storm Xornet mouse is tiny.

Mionix Mouse

Mouse by Mionix is usually large.

mionix castor mouse
Mionix Mouse

Logitech Performance Mouse MX

logitech anywhere mouse mx vs performance muse mx 75993
Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX Logitech Performance Mouse MX

Logitech and Razer

mouse size comparison Logitech G500 G602 G700 Corsair M90
Mouse size comparison: G500, G602, G700, Corsair Vengeance M95 Buy at amazon
logitech and razer mouses
Logitech and Razer mouses. All these are medium sized. [image source reddit]


logitech mx master vs g700s vs g602 mouse sizes
โ€ข Logitech G700s โ€ข Logitech MX Master Wireless โ€ข Logitech G602 Wireless.
These are typical midium sized.
Logitech G700s vs Mad Catz rat mouse 25501
โ€ข Logitech G700/G700s โ€ข Mad Catz RAT
Razer Ouroboros mouse vs rat 5
โ€ข Mad Catz RAT โ€ข Razer Ouroboros
logitech g100s g602 zowie mouse
โ€ข Logitech g100s mouse โ€ข Logitech G502 Proteus โ€ข zowie mouse
Logitech G700s  CM Storm Xornet mouse 20131212 PadawanGeek
โ€ข Logitech G700s โ€ข CM Storm Xornet mouse [image source geekhack, PadawanGeek]

Mouse Weight Comparisons

Mouse Weight Comparison

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