Ergonomic / Vertical Mouse

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Evoluent Vertical Mouse

This one is the best for those with hand injury using the mouse.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse right-hand 2015
Evoluent 4 Right-handed Bluetooth Vertical Mouse (VM4RB) Evoluent Vertical Mouse
Evoluent Vertical Mouse lefthand
Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 Wireless Mouse (the picture shows a wired left-hand version) Evoluent Vertical Mouse

They have left-handed version, and wired or wireless.

Orthovia OrthoMouse Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

OrthoMouse 72270
Buy OrthoMouse

2017-12-21 saw this on amazon. Not sure what's what.

the reviews seem to be slightly negative.

Anker Ergonomic Mouse

anker ergonomic vertical mouse 1000 15308
Anker Ergonomic Mouse

This one is very cheap. There are wired and wireless versions.

anker ergonomic vertical mouse 1000 33638
Anker Ergonomic Mouse
Anker Ergonomic Mouse

EV Ergonomic Mouse

ev ergonomic vertical mouse 95970
EV Ergonomic Mouse

SmartNav Natural Point Hands Free Mouse

SmartNav hands free mouse 30092
SmartNav hands free mouse

You wear a headlamp-like thing to your head, it shoots a lazer pointer, and the screen detects the pointer. So, basically you just move your head slightly to move pointer.

SmartNav hands free mouse 24371
SmartNav hands free mouse

TrackIr 5 Optical Head Tracking System

trackir 5 optical head tracking system 37011
Buy TrackIr 5 Optical Head Tracking System

This one is mostly gamers playing flight simulator games. It is not a mouse substitute, but supplement.

Lots positive reviews on amazon.


You can try trackball. See Best Trackballs 2018

touchpad, see: Input Devices: Mouse, Jog Wheel, Touchpad, Pen Tablet, Trackball, Joystick.

there's also Contour Roller Mouse

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