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The DataHand came out in 1995, by DataHand Systems, Inc. It's a special input device, where each finger fits into a hole, and the hole has 4 buttons on the sides like a joystick, plus a downward button, and you “type” by moving fingers in each direction. The thumbs also have five buttons: one inside, two outside, up and down.

It was invented by Dale J. Retter in 1992 (according to Wikipedia).

This device, is no good, because fingers are not designed to move in sideways. Better systems for efficient input or chorded, are Stenotype, PianoText, Michela Chorded System.

datahand 9z3p5-s1155x866
datahand 9z3p5 4048×3036
datahand wnx34-s1155x866
datahand wnx34 4048×3036
datahand ww7j2-s1155x866
datahand ww7j2 4048×3036
datahand 3qjd2-s1155x866
datahand 3qjd2 4048×3036
datahand gh84z-s1155x866
datahand gh84z 4048×3036
datahand j7zpj-s1155x866
datahand j7zpj 4048×3036
datahand hhrnf-s1155x866
datahand hhrnf 4048×3036
datahand 3799q-s1155x866
datahand 3799q 4048×3036
datahand z9zfy-s1155x866
datahand z9zfy 4048×3036
datahand v8fn2-s1155x866
datahand v8fn2 4048×3036

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