Elecom EX-G Trackball

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Elecom EX-G Trackball series came out starting in 2014. Second generation came out in 2015-10.

There are left-handed version, right-handed version, and also wired and wireless versions.

Elecom EX-G Trackball MX8q-s1200
[photo by Meercreate 2021-10-16]
Elecom EX-G Trackball ccxv-s1200
[photo by Meercreate 2021-10-16]
elecom ex-g trackball xvPZc
Elecom EX-G trackball [image source [2021-03-22 https://twitter.com/nekotrackball/ ]]

Hold the pinky strip button slow down DPI.

Ball Size

Ball diameter: 34 mm.

Software to Reprogram Buttons

However, software are available to reprogram the buttons, for Microsoft Windows and Mac.

elecom ex-g trackball software
Elecom EX-G trackball software

download Elecom Mouse Assistant at http://www.elecom.co.jp/global/download/utility/mouse_assistant/

Work in Linux?

As of 2021-10-16, all buttons works on linux out of the box. Linux kernel dated before 2019-05-30, the pinky button may not work.

the M-XT3DR model is NOT fully functional in Linux out of the box; the rightmost button isn't detected at any level, and “right click” comes mapped to the middle button. — user Trilkhai, 2017-02-11

The top left 2 buttons are browser back and forward.

You can remap mouse buttons in Linux using xinput. [see Linux: How to Swap Mouse Buttons]

Size Comparison

elecom ex-g logitech m570 trackball 99035-s1049x610
Microsoft TrackBall OpticalLogitech M570 TrackballElecom EX-G Trackball 2592×1944 [image source geekhack.org ]
elecom ex-g logitech m570 trackball p77vc-s1163x421
2580×935Logitech M570 TrackballElecom EX-G Trackball [image source geekhack.org ]

Left-Handed Version

elecom wireless trackball lefthanded M-XT 87
Left handed, wireless, version. ELECOM M-XT4DRBK. Buy at amazon

Model Numbers and Differences

Elecom M-XT1DRBR
First generation. Wireless.
Elecom M-XT1URBK
First generation. Wired. Buy at amazon
Elecom M-XT2DRBR
Second generation. Hold the pinky button to slow down cursor. Hardware function.
Elecom M-XT3DRBK
Wireless. No hold pinky button to slow down feature. Buy at amazon
Elecom M-XT3URBK
Wired. Buy at amazon
Elecom M-XT4DRBK
Left handed version. Wireless. Buy at amazon

Elecom EX-G Pro

elecom ex-g pro trackball f5d09-s286x218
Elecom EX-G Pro