Ergonomic Keyboards

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This page is a gallery of ergonomic keyboards.

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

ms n4000 keyboard
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. amazon

This is a much more improved design. This one i used for 3 years, from 2007 to 2010. The stiff Space bar finally drove me crazy. Full review at Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000.


typematrix keyboard 2030-29175
TypeMatrix 2030 keyboard amazon (photo by Isabelle Palatin © by-sa)

This is another interesting design. It's better than laptop-style keyboards for sure, such as Apple's Aluminum Slab, but worse than real ergonomic keyboards. For one thing, it has shallow flat keys, not good for serious typing. Full review: TypeMatrix Keyboard Review.

“Truly Ergonomic” Keyboard

Truly Ergonomic Computer Keyboard-3246
Truly Ergonomic keyboard (photo by To1ne used with permission)

Excellent! Full review at the Truly Ergonomic keyboard.

Kinesis Contoured Keyboard

Kinesis contoured keyboard Source amazon

Full review at Kinesis Contoured Keyboard Review and RSI

Maltron keyboard

Maltron flat keyboard-38955
Maltron 2d flat keyboard (the flat Maltron).

Maltron keyboard comes in many different models. It has bowl-shaped version like the Kinesis, and also flat version. Full review at: Maltron Keyboard Review.

μTRON Keyboard

utron keyboard 02
μTRON Keyboard

This is a excellent keyboard from Japan. See: μTRON Keyboard.

Ergodox Keyboard

ergodox woodenlook 2013-10-25 44533
Ergodox keyboard

Excellent. See: Ergodox Keyboard Review

Datadesk Tech Smartboard Keyboard

This one is one of the best.

smartboard keyboard
Datadesk Smartboard Source
smartboard keyboard keys
Datadesk Smartboard's mechanical switch. Source
smartboard keyboard 2

I think the design is:

The questions is whether this keyboard is well-built, and whether the company is reliable. See one review here: 〔SmartBoard USB5000 Review By Christopher Turner. @…〕. According to reviewers at Amazon, the company Datadesk Tech seems to be around as early as 1990s, and the company seems to be one-man running in basement. Not sure if it is still available.

Size Comparison

Note that sizes from photos can be deceiving. The Kinesis looks huge, but is actually ≈5cm less wide than the Microsoft 4000, and the Truly Ergonomic is even smaller.

kinesis microsoft keyboard sizes
Size comparison. Microsoft Natural vs Kinesis.
Truly Ergonomic Keyboard size comparison
Size comparison. Truly Ergonomic vs Microsoft 4000.

Xah's Recommendations

I think the Microsoft 4000 (≈$30) , or Truly Ergonomic (≈$250), Ergodox (≈$250), or the Kinesis Contoured (≈$280) are all really great.

Taking their price into consideration, the Microsoft 4000 is the most easy buy. It is a mass produced product and made to appeal to the mass population. Quite superb design by its various curves and tilts. However, because it's made for mass appeal, it does not use expensive mechanical key-switch that provides good tactile feedback. It uses cheap key label technology, so the key labels wear off (On my keyboard, the labels M and < are COMPLETELY gone. (because fingernails often hit them)). Its key mechanism (rubber dome) is Very Bad. The Space bar is stiff (one of its most common complaints). It's somewhat loud, makes ugly “clunk”, “thud”, “squeak” sounds.

the Microsoft 4000 is the worst in comparison to others, but the others are about 10 times more expensive.

Which others to get depends on your use case and preference. Do you need them to be portable? How much learning time do you want to spend? Do you want it in 2-pieces? Do you want the bowl-shaped? For programing or heavy typing such as data-entry clerk?

More Exotic Ergonomic Keyboards

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