Best Ergonomic Keyboards 2018

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Here's a list of the best ergonomic keyboards. They vary in price, shape, features. Starting at $70. The expensive ones all feature mechanical key switch. Mechanical key switch is very good for your hands.

[see Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

Kinesis Gaming, Freestyle Edge

kinesis gaming keyboard 20451
Kinesis Freestyle Edge Gaming Keyboard
[image source]

Full review: Kinesis Gaming Keyboard, Freestyle Edge


ly092 mini keyboard f3281
Buy SmartYao Split Thumb Keyboard

Full review: SmartYao Keyboard

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboards

Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard 80140
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard. Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard



Full review: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard

matias ergo pro keyboard 90213
Matias ergo pro keyboard. Matias ergo pro keyboard



Full review: Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard

Mistel Barocco Split Keyboard

mistel barocco ergonomic split keyboard
Mistel Barocco Keyboard Mistel Barocco Keyboard



Full review: Mistel Barocco Split Keyboard

X-Bows Keyboard

x-bows keyboard top 26650
x-bows keyboard

If you are looking for a 1-single piece flat compact ergo keyboard, this is the one.

Full review: X-Bows Keyboard Review

Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard

Kinesis top view 194406-s
Kinesis Advantage2 keyboard. Model Advantage2 QD, where the keys are labeled with both QWERTY and Dvorak. Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard



Full review: Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard Review

Important: do not get the clicky key version. It has some complaint about the key being stiff.

Size Comparison

kinesis microsoft keyboard sizes
Size comparison. Microsoft Natural vs Kinesis

Kinesis is about 1cm less wide than standard full-sized PC keyboard with number pad.

Kinesis is about 5cm (2 inches) less wide than Microsoft Natural keyboard .

Which Ergonomic Keyboards is for You?

All keyboards listed on this page are great ergonomic keyboards. Buy anyone of them will be good.

Which one to chose depends on your needs and your hand.

How many keystrokes you type a day? Are you a programer? A heavy blogger? Or even full-time data-entry clerk? If heavy writer or data-entry level, then you must have mechanical keys and ergonomic shaped keyboard.

[see How Many Keystrokes Programers Type a Day?]

• Do you already have hand discomfort due to keyboard use? If so, then i recommend one that has all of the following features:

• Do you need it to be portable?

• How much you want to spend?

• Do you touch type? If not, and don't plan to learn, then flat keyboard is probably better, and grid-layout won't be much useful.

See also: Bad Keyboard Advice from Programers

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