X-Bows Knight Keyboard

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The X-Bows Knight Keyboard , came out around 2020-02.

X-Bows Knight is a enhanced version of the X-Bows Lite/Nature.

xbows knight 2022-09-24 qCtBx-s1600
xbows knight 2022-09-24. 4032×3024


xbows knight 2022-09-24 3S7Gh
Xbows knight 2022-09-24
xbows knight cables 2022-09-24 sMc-s1600
4032×3024 USB-A to USB-C cable, 2 different keycap puller, and 2 magnetic feet. 2022-09-24
xbows knight 2022-09-24 4Mt8-s1600
side view 4032×3024
xbows knight feet 20211019
detachable magnetic feet

Change Light Effect

Media Keys and Other Fn Keys

Default Fn Key Layout

xbows knight config 2022-09-24 sdMSS
xbows knight config 2022-09-24 sdMSS
xbows default fn layout 2022-09-25 Nbz4z
xbows default fn layout 2022-09-25 Nbz4z

Programing the keys (Vial, QMK)

The most fantastic, one of the most easy to use.

The keyboard use the graphical user interface software Vial to program the keys. You download vial, launch it, and just click the key on the layout diagram to program them. The effect is instant.

Vial is an open-source cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac and Web) GUI software for configuring QMK keyboard in real time.

Xbows Nature and xbows knight, supports Vial since in July 2022.

xbows default layout 2022-09-25 T7jJK
Vial user interface, showing xbows default layout 2022-09-25

you can also save your layout to a file.

sample vial config file: xah_xbows_layout_id526.vil

here's key macro for Ctrl+Tab:

[["down", "KC_LCTRL"], ["tap", "KC_TAB"], ["up", "KC_LCTRL"]]

here's key macro for Ctrl+Shift+Tab:

[["down", "KC_LCTRL", "KC_LSHIFT"], ["tap", "KC_TAB"], ["up", "KC_LSHIFT", "KC_LCTRL"]]

Xah Talk Show 2022-09-29 using xbows

Xah Talk Show 2022-09-29 the Most Efficient Emacs Workflow, more efficient than vim


This is my all-time favorite flat ergo keyboard, since i started to use a keyboard in 1990. I have 8 or so batman keyboards [see Xah's Keyboards], and every time i use xbows, it is pure joy.

If you want a simple ergonomic keyboard, i recommend Xbows Knight.

For my initial experience in 2017, see X-Bows Lite/Nature

Xbows is also my current main (as of 2022-09-27)

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