X-Bows Knight Keyboard

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New models of the X-Bows Keyboard. These came out around 2020-02-29.

x-bows knight b5pf4
X-Bows Knight

The most interesting feature is Hot-swappable Gateron optical switches. [see Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]


Gateron Optical Switches 2020-03-08 wgdrz
Gateron Optical Switches 2020-03-08 wgdrz

X-Bows Knight Plus

x-bows knight plus xrwj5
X-Bows Knight Plus

The plus model has a numberpad. It can be attached to the right or left.

Where to Buy

buy at https://x-bows.com/

Older Model

Their previous model, now called X-Bows Nature, is still available, but cheaper now.

x bows keyboard top 26650

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