German Keyboard Ergonomic Layout

By Xah Lee. Date: .

here's a list of ergonomic keyboard layout for German language.

de-ergo layout

The de-ergo layout is perhaps the earlist optimized layout for Germany language.

NEO Layout

The NEO layout is efficient layout for German.

Neo layout improved on de-ergo layout.

neo keyboard layout 2016
NEO Layout

Neo layout started June 2005 or before.

Neo layout original site at

Neo layout home page at

Neo layout has a community site and seems to have a cult following.

ADNW Layout

the ADNW (Aus der Neo-Welt) seems a improvement on Neo.

ADNW home page at:

Aus der Neo Welt AdNW keyboard layout 2013
ADNW layout

[see Alternative Keyboard Layouts]

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