German Keyboard Layout

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Germany keyboard layout
Germany layout. The red are dead keys.

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apple keyboard german layout
Apple Keyboard German Layout 4015×1848
Apple pro keyboard
Apple pro keyboard (A1048), German layout. year 2007. image source

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German Olympia typewriter 23964
Keyboard of a mechanical typewriter, produced 1964 by Olympia Werke, Germany. The key with four dots is the margin release. The arrow key under Tab key is the backspace key, which is pointing in the direction the paper would move rather than the way a cursor would move .

Ergonomic German Layouts

de-ergo layout

The de-ergo layout is optimized for Germany language.

NEO Layout

The NEO layout is efficient layout for German.

Neo layout improved on de-ergo layout.

neo keyboard layout 2016
NEO Layout

Neo layout started June 2005 or before. Original site at

Neo layout home page at

Neo layout has a community site and seems to have a cult following.

ADNW Layout

the ADNW (Aus der Neo-Welt) seems a improvement on Neo. Home page at:

Aus der Neo Welt AdNW keyboard layout 2013
ADNW layout

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